We have a very efficient and complete Bulk Mailing service. This completes our goal of being a one stop shop for all your printing and digital needs. We can take your mailing list and run it through specialized and specific software that standardizes your address against the United States Post Office’s official mailing list. This is called CASS Certifying and is required for every bulk mailing job.

We then print each name directly onto the mail piece with a bar code.  Each bar code is unique for each of the 200 million addresses in the United States. This helps the Post Office route your mail to the correct address quicker and more efficiently. The Post Office gives discounts on postage if a bar code is added. Therefore, by putting this onto your mail piece, those discounts about cover the cost of our services and you do not have to worry about it getting to the Post Office in the manner in which they want it – we do that for you.

Of course, some mail pieces require a little tab or wafer seal that you see on some mailings – we can do that also.  This is called tabbing.

Does your mailing include muliple pieces that need to be collated or envelopes that need to be stuffed? We can save you time and effort by taking care of your job from start to finish!

To receive the best price reduction from the Post Office, your mail piece needs to be put in trays, tubs or bags with the appropriate tags showing the routing – we do that for you too!

All in all, it makes your life a lot easier and less troublesome if you have us do the work. The Post Office regulations can be confusing and they do change from time to time, so many customers find it much easier to have us do the work rather than try to keep up with the regulations themselves. If you need bulk mail permit or barcodes, please contact your local post office or our mail services department by calling 452-1907