About Graphic North, Inc.

Owners – Wayne & Virginia

Started in a basement in 1976 with a strong commitment to service and excellence, Graphic North, Inc. has become Fairbanks’ premier printing company. Located in the Golden Heart of Alaska and boasting a staff with more than 70 years of experience, it continues to build on its solid reputation, commitment to quality and excellence for both large and small printing projects.

Whether you need 25,000 full color brochures, or 100 business cards, Graphic North can meet your printing needs. We are a full-service printing company, offering offset, digital, and large format printing services. We can assist in designing and preparing your projects for print and choose the processes that best meet your needs. We also provide bindery services, and we can bulk mail  your finished project to customers.


The Graphic North Crew
Katy – Jumiah – Marcia – Jackie